Our Services

ROV Services

ROV interventions with Video inspection, Laser, Scanner, Sonar ,Ultrasonic Thickness

Diving Services

Subsea technology LLP offers comprehensive underwater services, including Air, Mixed Gas and Saturation diving services.

Hydrographic Survey

With survey assets that can be mounted on the hull of a vessel to suit shallow water operations, to deeper water requirements that need support from our in-house ROV fleet, Subsea Technology LLP can provide an integrated, cost-effective solution to enable effective project completion.

Marine Services

We provide a broad range of services to ship owners, ship managers, as well as range of other customers including shipyards, oil & gas majors, marine equipment suppliers, governments and their agencies.

IMR Services

Diver interventions, Visual Inspection, Video inspection (CCTV), Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (optional), Sampling & Diver security.

Project Management

Subsea Technology LLP Offshore provides technical expertise and project management capabilities to ensure timely and cost-effective execution of projects.